Wally and Hermes Yacht WHY 58x38 is More Island Than Yacht

 - Sep 23, 2009
References: bymnews & luxist
You’d think the best yacht on the market would look like a boat, right? Wrong! Introducing the latest in must have yachts, the Wally and Hermes Yacht WHY 58x38 (on account of its length and breadth).

This somewhat ecofriendly, but super revolutionary looking yacht is no sleek boat, but does feature, according to Luxist.com, a "25-meter interior swimming pool, three decks and a 36-meter "beach" along the back. The large solar panels covering the roof and sides of the vessel could save at least 200 tons of diesel fuel a year. The design of the hull means that the yacht uses less power at cruising speed than another boat of equal size." All that and the Wally and Hermes Yacht Why 58x38 is still a sea faring vessel!

Would you expect anything else from a luxury brand and a yacht manufacturing firm partnership?