Delectable Axe Confections, Plush Muscial Toys and Canned Amps

 - Mar 20, 2012
Musical inspiration is seeping through the walls of the world’s recording studios and entering the realms of fashion, technology, modern art and more.

A highly revered instrument, the guitar has been reworked since its inception to suit the needs of musicians and fans alike. Today, however, these reworkings have reached a whole new level. Companies and brand names are now vying for the most cutting-edge guitar-themed products, and many are making some incredibly convincing bids.

Guitar wall light installations and glowing fluorescent guitars are only some of the recent releases seen by this growing market. With advances in technology and art, it appears that this niche field is boundless and a constant witness to new developments. Whether one can use the instrument or not, these stellar guitar innovations will get any listener rocking.