These Fruit-Shaped Instruments by Celentano Woodworks Rock

 - May 22, 2010   Updated: Apr 2 2011
References: etsy & etsy
These fruit-shaped instruments by Celentano Woodworks can help you combine your love of squishy green fruit and two-stringed instruments like the avocado guitar. The Etsy-sold creation is a unique blend of two seemingly unrelated things.

Talk about being an original! Celentano Woodworks' instruments are 100% functional, customizable pieces of playable art. My favorite is the heart baritone ukulele.

Implications - Advancements in digital music production have affected the adoption of analog musical instruments, but designers are sidestepping this obstacle by creating avant-garde instruments that challenge traditional notions of what a guitar, piano or drum set should look like. By adopting unusual forms, these artistic instruments can appeal to a wider market.