Yoshihiko Satoh Guitar Sculptures are Anthem-Rocking Beauties

 - Aug 17, 2011
References: www2.tbb.t-com.ne.jp & thisiscolossal
Jimmy Page rocking the double neck guitar was an amazing sight when I first saw 'The Song Remains the Same,' but Yoshihiko Satoh Guitar Sculptures takes that epicness to a whole new level.

Yoshihiko Satoh Guitar Sculptures showcases not one, not two, but 12 necks! That's right, the talented Japanese artist has actually created a 12-neck axe, which is unheard of. There are actual strings, pick-ups and even whammy bars installed on each and every single body. The crazy part is that if this were to be plugged into an amp and the volume knob on all the guitars were turned up, it'd wake the entire neighborhood up. These appear to be functional and if they are, imagine how epic it would be if a couple of guitarists were shredding on these bad boys.