Rocksmith from Ubisoft is Set to Put Guitar Teachers Out of Business

 - Mar 17, 2011
References: rocksmith.ubi & gizmag
Forget Guitar Hero, because Rocksmith from Ubisoft is a new guitar game set to take musical gaming to the next level. Rocksmith is designed to work with actual electric guitars to teach gamers how to play in real life.

Rocksmith from Ubisoft is designed to work with any electric guitar that uses a quarter-inch input jack. The game lets players play songs, but it also has mini-games designed to let you brush up on chords and finger dexterity. Rocksmith will have multiplayer, but the details as to how it will work are yet to be released.

Ubisoft is currently in talks with Gibson, in hopes to offer an electric guitar as part of a $200 Rocksmith package. For musical neophytes like myself, Rocksmith from Ubisoft is a dream come true.