The gAtari 2600 Pumps Out Sweet Electronic Tunes

The gAtari 2600 has just taken the crown of the world's geekiest guitar. This amazing instrument was designed by chiptune artist cTrix and is made using an Atari 2600 console. The entire console -- joystick included -- were used to create this awesome electronic instrument.

The gAtari 2600 features three effects pedals and can change tracks quickly and easily using its joystick. The gAtari 2600 may look like a quirky art piece of nerd art, but it can seriously shred. Granted the tunes that come out sound nothing like the riffs that come out of an actual guitar, but the gAtari 2600 still sounds pretty rad. You can check out cTrix performing on his gAtari 2600 in Japan in the video here.