The 'Bacon Love Blues' Guitar Tutorial is Not for Vegetarians

 - Aug 20, 2011
References: youtube & instructables
If you've ever found yourself with an inordinate amount of bacon, loads of time and a passion for playing the guitar, then look no further than the Bacon Love Blues tutorial. Instructables user Dreddikulous uploaded a tutorial on creating a bacon covered guitar. Dreddikulous is a self-professed lover of bacon and he claims to love it so much that he felt the need to write a love song for bacon.

The Bacon Love Blues guitar was created with a few packages of bacon and a creative mind. Now for all you vegetarians (like myself) and non-bacon eaters, you have to admire his passion. Whether or not you feel as strongly for the meat, anyone who is willing to cover their instrument in swine and write a song about it certainly is worth noting.