Militaristic Fashion and Dominatrix Spreads

 - Apr 21, 2012
The dainty woman most often associated with 1950s culture is a thing of the past. Bondage-themed editorials and tight leather gear have been making some serious headlines, perpetually displayed on the runway and the big screen. Women are opting for domineering ensembles and looks, and while these are outward fashion displays, they represent an inner sense of confidence and security: two prime traits possessed by the 21st century woman. These fierce femme renderings point to a gender reversal, according females with typically male characteristics.

Domineering magazine spreads and militaristic collections have portrayed the commanding side of women. All of the featured models ooze authority, causing admiring onlookers to be either jealous, inspired or scared. This revolution in female renderings beholds many societal implications, and while not all are beneficial, they have certainly excluded the authentic passive depiction.