The Piana AW12/13 Virtus Set is Superwoman-esque

 - Apr 2, 2012
References: mariapiana & designbreakonline
Jewelry designer Marina Piana has released her sleek AW12/13 Virtus collection. A highly futuristic set, the Piana pieces exhibit some highly angular polished looks. The most dominant feature of the set is its commandeering vibe, evinced by its mixture of strength with femininity, a combination that has accorded it with a superwoman-themed orientation.

The AW12/13 Virtus selection offers an eclectic assortment of items. In contrast to the typical jewelry anthology featuring an assortment of earrings and neck pieces, Piana has opted for idiosyncratic hand and arm adornments. This focus is one that has yet to be seen among artists, especially in such a bold and chunky manner.

The fierce model showcasing AW12/13 Virtus samples fits in with the robust woman motif. With smokey eye make-up and a stalwart demeanor, she sported the series with pride.