The Padded Latex by JoyWilliamsDesign is Fierce and Fulgent

 - Aug 16, 2011
References: etsy & etsy
The Padded Latex by JoyWilliamsDesign is perfect for that wild tigress in you that is waiting to come out. This very structured and super stylized futuristic padded jacket is hand embossed to created a sort of grooved texture that allows it to stand out. The shiny jacket also features an asymmetrical cut and also has a short back with a cutout detail in the back -- just in case it wasn't racy enough already.

Joy Williams is a Brighton-based designer who focuses on womenswear using only silk, leather and recycled fabrics such as latex. The Padded Latex by JoyWilliamsDesign was developed to complement the female form. Williams' intricate hand-cut details and customizing ensures that each garment is made to fit every wearer perfectly. So for those of you fashionistas that aren't shy, this dominatrix-inspired jacket is sure to turn a few heads.