From Provocative Editorials to Daring Domineering Shoots

 - Feb 16, 2013
As these provocative editorials show, though wearing feminine and classic cuts is always a great options, sometimes a gal wants to tap into their sensuous side by dressing up in leather thigh highs looking absolutely fearless.

Bold fashions, best likened to dominatrix garb, is infused with a bevy of blacks, leathers and studs, which are all put together in a provocative yet powerful manner. Designers have always been intrigued by this dominatrix subculture, which is where women enjoy dominating over their male counterparts by wearing various tight and suggestive leather outfits and having equally kinky toys including whips to exercise full control.

From haute couture fashions to provocative editorials seen in Vogue, there is always a bit of wildness in all of us waiting to emerge.