The Fraulein Magazine July 2012 Savaris Editorial Exhibits Plastic Pieces

Fraulein Magazine's July 2012 'Graphic Look' editorial displays varying takes on a pliable look. Durable, black plastic bustiers and high rise shorts distinguish the work of stylist Bernat Buscato here, worn throughout with palpable confidence by model Vanusa Savaris.

Randall Bachner captured the dark beauty that lies at the heart of Graphic Look. Angular monochromatic shapes and patterns match Savaris' brunette features, as do the commanding assortment of kohl apparel.

Fraulein Magazine's embrace of synthetic pieces has been shared by multiple fashion publications, seen by way of Var Magazine's 'Fierce Creature' spread and Spellbound's Spring/Summer 2012 Benjamin Lindenkreuz photoshoot. And so, a stiff, dominatrix-like style may begin to take shape in the couture industry.