- Nov 28, 2013
The shift in seasonal temperatures often means stocking up on cozy winter apparel, and these chic coats for pets are offering both canine and feline owners some stylish ways to keep their furry companions warm as well.

While cats and dogs often feature a thick coat of fur that normally keeps them warm and insulated, sometimes it's nice to give them a little something extra to keep them as comfy as possible when heading outdoors. And if you happen to be a pet owner that enjoys dressing up your furry companions in similar outfits as yours, then these chic coats for pets will definitely showcase your pet's fashion-savvy side.

From classy canine peacoats to colorful pooch protectors and sleeveless cat couture, these chic coats will definitely prepare any pet to face the chilly winter season.

From Pooch Storm Protectors to Couture Canine Coats: