- Feb 23, 2019
Highlighted in these February 2019 mobile ideas are a range of useful smartphone apps, portable games, connected devices, and unique mobile accessories.

During CES 2019, gadget brand intelino introduced the 'Train with a Brain,' a smart toy for kids that allows for interactive play. With the Train with a Brain, kids can build up tracks for it to travel along, and through the use of sensors, control the movement, speed, and how it steers. Those looking for a greater challenge can also connect to the in-app dashboard feature, so that they can collect feedback and adjust their designs.

Another noteworthy inclusion comes from Wannaby, who launched a convenience-driven app that allows consumers to try on shoes through an augmented reality lens. The app, dubbed 'Wanna Kicks' currently features 10 different sneaker models from major brands like Puma and Nike. After consumers test out their options and find a style they like, the app then directs them to the sites of the respective brands so that they can buy them.

From Skincare Support Apps to Ultra-Thin Travel Speakers: