Meditation Studio's 'Goodnight Kiddo' Collection Helps Kids Fall Asleep

With Gen X discovering the many mind-body benefits of meditation, Millennial parents are enriching the lives of their kids with child meditation practices.

Meditation Studio, a top-rated meditation app, offers curated meditation session collections, which are organized into themes like 'Be Kind,' 'Be Healthy' and 'Be Awesome.' In addition to releasing an all-new Deep Sleep collection for adults, Meditation Studio is also introducing 'Goodnight Kiddo' as a resource for parents who want to support their growing children in getting much-needed sleep.

Goodnight Kiddo is tailored for kids between the ages of four and eight, and pairs meditations with original music to help kids relax, rest and fall soundly asleep with sessions like Fluffy Cloud, Snuggles and Butterfly Tickles. The Goodnight Kiddo meditations will soon be available through the Meditation Studio app and the Goodnight Kiddo Alexa skill.