From Hazelnut Chocolate Cocktails to $10,000 Treats

 - May 25, 2013
Who doesn't enjoy a deliciously sinful piece of chocolate every once in awhile? With each bite of savory sweet chocolate, tons of endorphins are released into your brain putting you in a better and happier state of mind. These chocolate creations are a surefire way to boost your mood.

Chocolate is an exquisitely enjoyable treat to consume with others, in baked desserts, as a solid bar, in bed watching your favorite TV show or even in the bathtub. While some people enjoy savory chocolate and others sweet, there are some seriously pleasing chocolate creations to choose from to fit any and every palette. From homemade chocolate spreads, emergency heartbreak chocolate kits, chip-flavored chocolate bars to cocoa-flavored bourbon, there truly are comforting chocolate creations for all occasions.