This 'Kitchen Paper' Macadamia Mocha Dessert Will Give You a Jolt

 - May 7, 2013
References: thekitchenpaper
Get a shot of espresso and a sugar rush in the wee hours of the morning with this 'Kitchen Paper' macadamia mocha dessert. It's probably the most effective and appetizing breakfast item you've had or would voluntarily eat. This is because it integrates the the gloriousness of chocolate and macadamia nuts into its very core. For the majority of people reading, the deal-breaker in that sentence was the word chocolate.

With the saltiness of macadamia nuts, the sweetness of chocolate and the buzz of espresso powder, this Kitchen Paper macadamia mocha dessert can replace your morning mug of coffee. If it's a decision between bitter and bland coffee or the dense chocolatey nature of this baked good by Kitchen Paper, it would not be so outrageous to assume that the majority would answer in the latter.