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Michael Margolis References Chocolate in This Motivational Talk

 - Apr 23, 2013
References: getstoried & youtube
Author and entrepreneur Michael Margolis talks about his passion for chocolate and the important role it has played in his life in this motivational talk.

Margolis describes growing up in Switzerland with his chocolatier father as playing an important role in his early life. In this motivational talk he explains how his love of chocolate helped him bring people together and master the style of narrative and storytelling he is known for today. Margolis is a dynamic writer and who claims that chocolate opens your heart and allows you to feel deeper, which results in more passionate, meaningful work.

This motivational talk is also full of information about the origin of chocolate. When chocolate was first brought to Europe it was only enjoyed by priests and nobles. These interesting facts are the bits of information Michael Margolis uses to captivate his audience and build enthralling speeches.