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Shawn Stevenson's Health Keynote Offers Surprising Perks of Cacao

 - Sep 28, 2012
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The topic of this health keynote by nutritionist Shawn Stevenson is chocolate. His speech reveals the hidden and unknown health benefits of chocolate in its purest form -- cacao.

Starting his speech with a brief but very interesting historical review of the Aztec Empire and its people's knowledge and uses of cacao, he demonstrates how the chocolate we know and indulge in today is very different from chocolate in the past. The Aztecs however, knew that there were extremely special and remarkable qualities about this food. Stevenson describes these benefits as "[bordering] on miraculous."

In addition to being the most effective ant-oxidant, it offers more vitamin C than any fruit, contain neuro-transmitters (which make you smarter) and dozens of medicinal purposes. Stevenson's health keynote offers a fascinating and unexpected exploration of chocolate.