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This JP Rangaswami Keynote Compares Data Intake to Dietary Nutritional Consumption

 - May 9, 2012
References: twitter & youtube
In this JP Rangaswami Keynote, the speaker compares information-gathering to the intake of food. Passionate about both books and food, Rangaswami points out that one of his passions may be more visible than the other; however, the similarities between the over-consumption or under-consumption of information can have corresponding affects to that of an obese or malnourished individual.

Using robots as an example, JP Rangaswami demonstrates that for A.I., information and energy are the same thing. Making the same comparison to humans it becomes clear that energy (food) and information (books) are also entering the body in some shape or form in order to provide fuel.

In regards to more contemporary times, Rangaswami argues that there are hunter/gatherers of information just as there are the cultivators and farmers of information -- those who forcefully seek out to attain certain knowledge and those who establish the legalization and copyright laws to protect information and data.