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The Jenn Lim Sustaining Happiness Keynote Dissects Priorities

 - Sep 28, 2012
References: deliveringhappiness & youtube
The Jenn Lim sustaining happiness keynote shows the power of positivity in both personal and company life. Our happiness is usually based on four factors: having and maintaining a loving relationship, having a career we enjoy, owning our own companies and being healthy. Lim says that as humans we are hardwired to seek out happiness. Lim reflects on her own life and why she became so entranced with the notion of happiness.

After realizing for herself that her happiness wasn't based on the things she was doing but rather that is was dependent on the people and relationships in her life, she drastically changed her priorities. This notion of thinking wasn't only relevant for her own life, but also for the company at which she works.

Lim currently works for Zappos, whose business model is based on happiness. This model includes commitment, core values, transparency, vision, relationships and having the right team. She talks about how important and beneficial positive costumer experience can be, and says that you must focus on a personal emotional connection.

Lim gives great advice on how to create and maintain a positive attitude and work environment, which can overall effect the outcome and success of a business.