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This Marije Vogelzang Keynote Explores the Rituals of Eating

 - May 17, 2012
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This Marije Vogelzang keynote discusses the cultural significance that surrounds food and how the act of eating represents much more than the basic human need to fuel one's body.

The speaker runs a food-design company called Proef which acts as an outlet for connecting people through edible creations. The Netherlands-based lecturer delves into the different projects her company has embarked on and how they have taught her about the important rituals and memories that surround food and the importance of coming together over a meal.

This speech takes an in-depth look at how much of an impact the texture or color of a certain food can have on a person. It explores the sensory and emotional effects that are emoted from the consumption of an edible object and acts as a reminder to cherish every meal that one consumes.