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The Food Waste Keynote by Tristram Stuart Offers New Solutions

 - Sep 28, 2012
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The global food waste scandal is the topic of this food waste keynote delivered by Tristram Stuart. At the age of only 15, Stuart made a commitment to reducing the amount of food wasted by collecting food thrown out by local markets and grocery stores to feed his own pigs. What he discovered was that the food being thrown out was not in fact inedible, it simply did not meet the aesthetic standards of people in the Western world. He remembers one shop owner who threw out hundreds of potatoes because their shape wasn't quite right.

The amount of food thrown out and wasted by Western countries is staggering. Good, fresh food is wasted on a daily basis. The United States alone has four times the amount of food on its shelves and the tables of restaurants than it requires to feed its citizens.

So many people believe that the world needs to be producing more food to solve global hunger, but really, the solution is right in front of us, in our garbages. Stuart's food waste keynote is a compelling and interesting presentation on the real story of global waste.