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This Inspiring Speech by Kristen Powers Talks Child Philosophy

 - Apr 12, 2013
References: youtube
This inspiring speech by Kristen Powers encourages individuals to examine the reality and circumstances of their lives, to utilize what they have and turn it into something that can make a difference.

Powers emotionally explains how her mother was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, which severely impacted her and her family. While her mother’s health quickly deteriorated, Powers found out that her and her brothers had a 50% chance of inheriting this fatal disease as well. Powers used this life-changing event to write numerous journals, novels and short stories. Amidst her writing, she came up with her ‘InnerKid Philosophy,’ which was a realization that you can still make the most out of any situation that you have been given.

The philosophy includes two parts; the first is the distinction that even so someone may be young, they can still change the world given the right tools and motivation. Secondly, this philosophy requires individuals to harness their imaginative child mentality, and incorporate it throughout the rest of their lives.