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The Matthieu Ricard Happiness Keynote Speech Offers Peace of Mind

 - Sep 6, 2012
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Buddhist Monk Matthieu Ricard's happiness keynote speech enlightens an audience and encourages them to indulge in passion. Ricard's main focus of the keynote is on well-being and happiness. He talks about how people decipher happiness differently, but that everyone should have some sort of a clearer idea.

According to Ricard, the Buddhist view is that happiness or well-being is a combination of serenity and fulfillment; which according to Richard underlies all emotional states. His speech is incredibly motivational and grounding.

Ricard encourages people to access happiness by gaining serenity, inner strength and confidence. He reminds an audience that happiness doesn't come from the outside, but rather from within.

This is definitely an uplifting and even humor-filled speech that's worth checking out.