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Peter Bregman's Learning From Discomfort Keynote is Motivational

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: peterbregman & youtube
Peter Bregman discusses the importance of falling face first into the unknown in this learning from discomfort keynote. Using his daughter as an example, Bregman talks about the ways in which people learn and prevent learning. Diving into an unfamiliar area and using that as a vantage point for exploration and discovery is essential in order to learn about new opportunities and possibilities. It's when people refuse to acknowledge something out of fear that the inability to learn is exercised.

Peter Bregman works with CEOs and leadership teams in order to help them discuss the "undiscussable." The first thing that Bregman does is ask each member what they think of other members in terms of strengths and weaknesses and assesses what topics people refuse to talk about. After compiling a list of undiscussable topics, Bregman gathers the team and ensures that they discuss everyone of those topics.

It's important to endure the uncomfortable in order to be rewarded with a complete immersion in life and the knowledge of new opportunities