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Dean Lindsay's Goal Setting Keynote Promotes the Importance of Progress

 - Jun 29, 2012
References: deanlindsay & youtube
Author Dean Lindsay's goal setting keynote speech is a humorous approach to applying motivational ways of thinking to all of the aspects of one's life.

He uses the analogy of running a marathon as an example of how to turn what seems to be an impossible or difficult task into one that is easily attainable. By reminding oneself of the benefits to completing the task at hand and breaking down the objective in a means that reinforces why one is passionate about completing the activity, it becomes easier to stay motivated.

In his goal setting keynote address, Lindsay suggests keeping what he calls the "5 P's of Progress," in mind. If one focuses on the belief that everything they do will ultimately either avoid pain, or give them pleasure, profit, peace of mind or prestige in the long-run.