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The John Grisham UNC-Chapel Hill Commencement Speech is a Must-See

 - Jul 4, 2012
References: jgrisham & youtube
The John Grisham UNC-Chapel HIll Commencement speech given in 2010 outlines some of the challenges the prolific author has faced throughout his distinguished career. As a best-selling author, John Grisham is one of the few authors that enjoys the luxury of releasing a book and knowing it will be bought by an anticipating crowd. However, getting to this point as an author has taken time and failure.

His commencement address at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill merges the classic university commencement ideas with his own personal experiences and, in doing so, Grisham delivers a motivational address that is sure to be remembered in detail by every graduate in attendance. As a premier example for aspiring authors, creative minds and law hopefuls, John Grisham addresses the next generation of the knowledge economy.