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This Anthony Robbins Speech Breaks Down the Three Pillars of Success

 - May 9, 2012
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In this Anthony Robbins speech, the award-winning author and motivational speaker presents his three pillars of success. To find success and absolute happiness in life, Robbins believes that individuals must first find a clear focus of what it is they want to accomplish; second, they must create a strategy with the best tools possible; and third, they must resolve any and all inner conflicts.

The first step requires evaluating where you are right now and having a clear vision of where it is you want to be. Robbins believes that focusing on what you don't want or where you don't want to be will waste all of your positive energy.

The second step requires making yourself a map (a strategy or plan) and finding yourself a mentor who can provide you with encouragement and shortcuts.

The last step involves ridding yourself of any conflicting priorities or commitments. 80 percent of success rates in anything depend on psychology, while the other 20 percent depends on mechanics. Finding a clear focus, effective strategy and aligned priorities are the components of Robbins' recipe for success.