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Charlie Hartwell's Effective Leadership Keynote is Motivational

 - Jun 9, 2012
References: linkedin & youtube
In this effective leadership keynote, Charlie Hartwell discusses five strategies that allow effective leaders to encourage change and prosperity.

Hartwell begins by saying, "for ideas to have voice, people need to have theirs." Good leaders use their voice to inspire others to find their own voice. When people aren't heard, they stop listening to themselves and others, losing any sense of creative input.

Good leaders also show that freedom is possible; they hold onto the space for the potential to be unleashed. Hartwell has co-founded many organizations, all of which have garnered great success precisely because of his belief in letting those organizations blossom in his absence.

Leadership doesn't mean dictating everything that is going to happen, it is being receptive to what shows up and using it creatively. Good leaders instil the drive for organizations to realize their potential and achieve something greater than themselves.