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Matt Killingsworth’s Living in the Moment Keynote Shares Surprising

 - Nov 12, 2012
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Dr. Matthew Killingsworth describes a large scale global experiment he conducted in an attempt to uncover the reasons humans aren’t happy in his living the moment keynote.

In order to know what makes people happy, they must first find out what makes them unhappy. Possessing a Ph.D. in Psychology, Dr. Killingsworth designed an iPhone app called Track Your Happiness to monitor the happiness levels of individuals around the world at random times. The experiment gathered some surprising results, revealing that mind wandering or daydreaming was a major cause to unhappiness.

Statistics from all genders and age groups show that minds 47% of the time, people are thinking about something other than what their current task is. On average, minds wander off 30% of the time regardless of the activity. Though daydreaming is often an escape from reality, ironically, it is the cause of the global unhappiness, possibly due to the shattering return to reality. In order to be happy, Dr. Killingsworth stresses the importance of living in the moment instead of seeking alternate universes for our imaginary selves to occupy.