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Moved by the incredible poverty witnessed while she was teaching in Ghana, Africa many years ago,...

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Leila Janah's Creating Jobs Speech Discusses How to End World Poverty

 - Nov 16, 2012
References: samasource.org & youtube
Leila Janah discusses how creating sensible jobs that also provide dignity and a "profound sense of self-worth" end world poverty unemployment in her creating jobs speech.

While teaching English in Ghana, Janah not only witnessed the incredible poverty and hardships amongst the impoverished but also their intelligence and perseverance. It is not charity or handouts that will bring an end to their poverty, they don't need it, Janah explains.

Like assembly lines and garment factories, these jobs are broken down into manageable tasks where they can be distributed to workers and later assembled. With this in mind, Janah created Samasource, a non-profit organization that seeks to bring simple but dignified work to people living in poverty worldwide. While there are various tasks machines can now take over, there are certain skills it cannot learn without the assistance of humans. By integrating these tasks and providing computer-based work, this allows workers stay with their loved ones whilst earning money to support and care for them.