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This Enlightening Keynote by Joseph Peter Encourages Hope

 - Apr 15, 2013
References: youtube
This enlightening keynote by Joseph Peter elegantly expresses how portraits of people can inspire individuals to contemplate their own happiness.

Having studied photography, Peter became intrigued by all the different facial expressions people had, and the underlying meaning behind each smile or frown. Looking for new inspiration for his photographic talents, Peter found that his true calling was with portraits that showcased people in their most intimate forms. These sentimental images and heartfelt captures prompted Peter to go to Africa to write a book about happiness.

It is through touching portraits of children and adults smiling despite their harsh circumstances that we are able to draw inspiration and hope. These images serve to inspire ambition and motivation towards achieving our own happiness. By simply taking the time to observe the beauty of these images, people are able to contemplate their own well-being in life.