From Shoes to Jewelry This is Shoptivism at Its Finest

 - Apr 19, 2012
These socially conscious products do more than play to people’s sense of compassion and social justice. They appeal to their desires as well. Many people donate to charitable causes without any expectation of getting something in return and that is noble. However, playing on the strings of people’s wants and tastes can do wonders to raise money for good causes or, in the case of social business, earn a profit while providing much-needed income or services to those in need.

From hip shoes to finely crafted jewelry to gourmet coffee, the products featured have something for almost any taste. This is an important aspect of social business and forward-thinking charities; it is one thing to buy a rather cheaply made product simply for the sake of supporting the vendor of that product; it is another thing altogether to buy a product primarily because one wants it.