Bridgewater Candle Company Feeds a Child with Every Lit Candle

Candles from Bridgewater Candle Company spice up the room, make it cozy and fil the air with exotic aromas; but these candles have a deeper meaning with every flick. These socially responsible candles help feed needy children from around the world. Every candle that's sold enables Bridgewater to donate money to feed an orphaned child for an entire day.

There's a fleet of variety aromas and the candles come in small and large jars; there's also tea lights and votives as well. It's made from natural soy blends that's designed to burn for long periods of time with ultimate fragrance enhancement. Sweet Cider to Vintage Berry are only a few of the aromatic fragrances available.

Bridgewater Candle Company's goal is to touch base in every country to help. For every two seconds, an orphan is dying from lack of food and malnutrition. The next purchase you decide to buy for a friend, why not brighten up the lives of two people while you're at it? Every candle lit is hope for another child.

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