Epic Timepieces Strives to Have Haitians Live with Clean Water

Epic Timepieces are watches sold for the betterment of Haitians; each watch sold allows one Haitian to have access to clean water for an entire year.

The dynamic duo of Jeff and Jackie Bird started the cause when they came back from a trip to post-earthquake Haiti, hoping to eradicate the water crisis and to achieve clean water for the needy. The crisis was so bad that some people were fetching water from rivers polluted with waste, chemicals and diseases.

Sport an Epic Timepieces watch and wear it knowing you've done something spectacular. These casual yet stylish watches come in a variety of colors with interchangeable bands. Not only will these timepieces be a great look on most outfits, they're a stamp of social responsibility. They will tell you the time as well as remind you that you supplied a healthy life for a person in need.

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