These Animated Mashups are Both Fresh and Familiar

 - Mar 9, 2012
These cartoon remixes break the mold while maintaining a comfortable degree of familiarity. In recent years, pop culture has become increasingly self-referential; this makes for interesting allusions, but it can also lead to vagueness and self-indulgent obscurity. How many people want to research each picture they see on a website, t-shirt, or print ad before they ‘get it?'

Artists, designers, and marketers don’t need to forsake accessibility for wit. Indeed, these cartoon remixes achieve both. By anchoring their references to widely known and liked characters, the artists behind these mashups are able to connect quickly and easily to large audiences. Through their clever use of references, they neatly distinguish themselves from their peers and competitors. This is the advantage of putting a fresh spin on a familiar subject.

There is another point which should not be lost when viewing these cartoon remixes: they’re undeniably fun to look at.