Turning People Into Humanized Cartoons

 - May 13, 2008
References: destinationcreation
The Trend Hunter community has been fascinated by what's being referred to as “untooning.” The new graphic art form strips famous pop culture characters of their “cartoon” characteristics and transforms them into what artists imagine they would look in the flesh. This process gets to the same end point, but begins with actual people.

While it was new to us, Adnan Saleem at DestinationCreation.com has been showcasing this type of art for over a year now. Saleem is a regular contributor to Worth1000.com, a Photoshop contest site that challenges people to create art themes like Human Camouflage.

In April 2007, Destination Creation started a study they called “Reality Simpsons,” which quickly became viral and was picked up by Comedy Central Insider, AOL-TV and Digg, among others.

While we've featured untooned stills, Destination Creation has come up with the next phase: videos of reality cartoons! They show the transition from real life photos of people to the core Simpson characters Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggi.

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