From Surfing Santas to Fairytale Boob Jobs, No Famous Figure is Safe from the

 - Dec 27, 2009
On the surface, this slideshow of everyday icons is slightly titillating; you'll see a real-life version of Jessica Rabbit, Cinderella with an IV drip and Belle from Beauty and the Beast going under the plastic surgery knife. Dive deeper, though, and there's something else beneath these 'everyday' icons--a theme of humanizing famous pop culture figures.

What is it about seeing 'everyday' icons--like Santa surfing or checking out an aged, overweight Wonder Woman--that delights us so? Perhaps it's the realization that in real life, no icon, not even Superman, is perfect. During the 2008 election, we saw pundits from both sides hail Sarah Palin and Barack Obama as superheroes--clearly, there's appeal in both making superheroes ordinary and turning mere mortals into superheroes. Check out these and more 'everyday' icons below.