Untooneds by Mataleone

Trendhunter has found some awfully good untooning trends. Here is the work of Mataleone, a Brazilian whiz at Photoshop. His unique work is in the humanizing of drawings and cartoon characters. By far, the best of his work is his transformation of one of Van Gogh’s self-portraits painted in 1889, into a near photograph quality image. The viewer really gets a good sense of what Van Gogh looked like.

His Flickr photostream and blog shows off his remarkable talent at converting many imaginary characters like Mad Magazine’s Alfred Neuman, familiar characters from various video games like Dungeons and Dragons and popular cartoons. One of the best Untooneds has to be Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, age spots and all.

The mug shot of Harry Potter, while not strictly a cartoon or drawing, does also play on the humanizing theme as Harry has been roughed up by the Azkaban Police Department!