From Cartoon Porn Parodies to Cartoon Musical Tributes

 - Jun 16, 2011
These fantastic Simpsons tributes are a perfect example of the avid following that Matt Groening's cult-hit show, The Simpsons, has created.

From cartoon porn parodies to cartoon musical tributes, The Simpsons is one television program that is a constant figure in pop culture today. The iconic family has a devout following of fans, young and old, who look to further integrate the family into their everyday lives. Products such as real Duff Beer to 7-11s transforming into Kwik-E-Marts are just a few of the more notable Simpsons tributes that have shown up recently. One ultimate fan even turned his house into a life-sized model of the show's iconic 742 Evergreen Terrace home.

These Simpsons tributes just show how much this chaotic cartoon family is loved and adored worldwide. Enjoy!