Fredde Gredde Does an Amazing Simpsons Medley in Homage to the Show

 - Mar 17, 2011
References: youtube & buzzfeed
I LOVE The Simpsons--so for fans of Homer, Apu, Mr. Burns and others, Fredde Gredde pays a wonderful tribute to the show with his own Simpsons medley.

In addition to pop cultural references and celebrity ridicule, the Simpsons are known to get quite musical once in a while. Fredde Gredde’s Simpsons medley features some well-known songs that have been on the show. If you aren’t too familiar with the music, the top right corner of the video has clips of the episodes from which the songs come from. Whether it’s the Lisa’s pop-tastic birthday song or the country-driven Canyonero theme, Gredde’s renditions are both brilliant and hilarious.

This amazing Simpsons medley clip will have fans of the show watching the older seasons in no time.