- May 30, 2013
Viral dance videos have taken over the internet, from Psy's infamous 'Gangnam Style' to the nonsensical Harlem Shake. These 18 videos build on those crazy dance fads to create something even goofier and groovier than before.

The quirky movie sequence remix takes Napoleon Dynamite's infamous election dance and remixes it to hilarious effect. Some of these videos depict real people just getting their groove on like the dancing EMS men who were just looking to spice up their day job but became internet celebrities.

Several of these videos are exceedingly artistic, like the kaleidoscopic dance video and the digital dancing video. Both of these use technology to create unique and artistic effects that alter the viewer's perception of a dancing figure. Trend Hunter has also gotten in on the viral dancing action with its workplace dance parties video showing the entire office in the midst of the Harlem Shake.

Each of these videos is hilarious to watch and will definitely make you want to get your dance floor freak on.

From Dancing Inmate Musicals to Radical Robotic Dances: