Project 'Face Dance' by Supermarché Morphs Facial Movements to Dan

 - May 6, 2013
References: thecreatorsproject.vice
Project ‘Face Dance’ by the filmmaker team Supermarché takes facial movements and translates them into a Michael Jackson dance routine. Using facial recognition technology, the project lets you manipulate your facial muscles to pull off a moonwalk or crotch grab.

The installation was built by creating a database of dance moves by recording a dancer impersonating the King of Pop. Coders then linked input from facial recognition sensors to certain dance moves to make your smile turn into a hip pop. The end result is a setup that lets anybody execute an awesome dance routine.

This project is an experiment into linking new technologies with cinematic storytelling. By creating a bond between facial movements and video, Supermarché is exploring new ways to use the human body with technology.