The Dancebulance Promotes a Musical Event with a Quirky Dance Video

 - Jun 17, 2012
References: nathanbarnatt & laughingsquid
Ambulances are needed in times of emergency and the Dancebulance does the same, only this EMS goes around helping to cheer up people in distress.

Created by Nathan Barnatt, this Dancebulance spoof was made for the announcement of the 2012 Governors Ball Music Festival that runs from June 23 to 24 in New York City. From grocery stores to nail salons to bookstores, this emergency dancing technician boogies down where ever he is. While some participate in the dance frenzy, others look bewildered.

This hilarious video is what people should be doing everyday when they start to feel the blues. Instead of dancing alone in the showers or behind closed doors, people need to unite to be more expressive and dance away. Dancebulance is a hysterical way to promote an event because nobody likes to be told what to do, but rather shown.