From Dark Sky Manicures to Famous Painter Pastries

 - Oct 29, 2011
These Van Gogh-inspired innovations are a testament to the lasting impact this troubled artist had on the creative community.

The emotional intensity of his work and the survival of literally hundreds of his own personal letters has made exploring his pieces an act of great intimacy. As famous as his paintings were, the evident humanity and the tragedy of Van Gogh's circumstances somehow make his work all the more affecting. Never selling a single painting in his lifetime, Van Gogh has become a relatable icon to struggling artists everywhere.

Van Gogh's aesthetics have appeared on everything from light switches to cakes. His masterpiece Starry Night, which he painted while in a mental institution, now finds itself swathed on the slight frames of runway models. The painting has also been recreated using bacon. Although some of these homages seem to make light of the Van Gogh's contribution to the art world, in every instance his work was thoughtfully selected by the creator. The point is that even the strangest emulations were crafted as a celebration of the man who achieved the highest level of emotional expression on canvas.

These Van Gogh-inspired innovations demonstrate the lasting impression of this amazing artist.