House of Mouse Makes Nerdy, Artsy and Fashionable Mice

 - Dec 1, 2009
References: etsy
This collection of geeky Christmas ornaments includes mice, and it seems there's a theme for everyone, whether you're into coding, Star Wars or fashion. There's an Edward Cullen Mouse, Luke Skywalker Mouse, Dumble Dormouse, Yoda Mouse, Edward Scissorpaws, Vincent Van Gogh, Charles Darwin Mouse and Karl Lagermouse (I know, I felt the last one was random too.)

The geeky Christmas ornaments come with cute descriptions too, like Cody the computer geek mouse. "Cody lives for perl, php and regex. Nothing gets him more excited than grokking the gimp! Cody's hero is Ratbert and his one wish would be for caffeinated cheese!"

Check out some of cutest works from the House of Mouse.