From Edible Van Goghs to Da Vinci Dolls

 - Jun 22, 2011
Certain artists and their works will always be remembered and celebrated. Additionally, these timeless works will continue to serve as the inspiration for many other artists specializing in a variety of artistic mediums. Artists like Da Vinci and Van Gogh are among these iconic classic artists whose works are constantly being made over and interpreted in infinite and impressive ways.

Among my favorite interpretations are Mattel's Fine Art inspired Barbies, and Larry Moss' Balloon recreations. While some are more intricate than others, the possibilities for artistic remixes have proven endless with paintball portraits, and real life gardens based on famous lanscape paintings. Even fashion designers use these art forms to inspire their collections. Most recently, Louboutin used a series of photographic reenactments of iconic portraits which feature his newest shoe designs. These drastic and mindblowing classic art remixes never fail to surprise, and attract attention to the extraordinary talent that lie at their core.