The Giant Bread Mona Lisa Mosaic is Made From Over 10,000 Pieces of Bread

Mosaic artist Laura Hadland is at it again, this time making a giant Bread Mona Lisa Mosaic in the city of Matera, Italy. The Bread Mona Lisa Mosaic measured 29 feet wide and 35 feet long and was constructed using 10,080 pieces of bread. Oh, the sandwiches that could have been.

The Bread Mona Lisa Mosaic was made using plain bread, toasted bread and my personal favorite, bread with dark and milk chocolate poured on top of it. The mosaic was built for the Japanese television show Morisanchu, a show featuring a comedic trio of women. While I have never caught an episode of the show, I am interested in seeing it now, as we share a common love of bread with chocolate on it.