Victoria Chernovol Gives the Mona Lisa a Facelift

 - Oct 8, 2009   Updated: Jul 20 2011
References: styleportfolios & coroflot
Victoria Chernovol is a designer out of Jersey City who has recreated the most famous painting in the world in a way that would leave Da Vinci dumbfounded.

I understand that this is probably just Victoria Chernovol having fun at her computer, but something just doesn't sit right seeing the Mona Lisa tucked, chisled and ready for 2009. Check out more on the Mona Lisa makeover at the link below.

Implications - I dare you not to fall head over heels with the results. In fact, these painting makeovers may even provide viewers with a jovial laugh or two along the way. I won't go as far as to say that Victoria Chernovol is as talented as Leonardo Da Vinci, but these Mona Lisa revamps sure do put her on the map!